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My name is Ethricia and I have an Associate Diploma in General Studies. My interests are meeting new people and helping them in any way I can. I volunteered at my high school by assisting students with their homework. From this experience, I have developed an interest in tutoring students. I worked at a manufacturing company as a Liaison Officer where my duties included ensuring that the customers are satisfied with our products and services. I became a tutor as I am passionate about helping people and through tutoring, I am able to assist others in becoming fluent English speakers. I am an understanding and caring individual and I love to make others feel happy. I am an excellent listener, very patient and I enjoy meeting new people. I think all student are different and such they require different approaches in learning. The best way to get across to a student is by listening to them and by trying to get to know your student better. Learning should be a very fun experience and as such, I try to make the sessions fun and friendly as I encourage them to keep learning.

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Quốc giajamaicaJamaica
Sinh nhật1994-09-15
Giới tínhNữ
SchoolSt. Catherine High School, Jamaica
Sở thíchSinging, watching TV, playing netball
Những bộ phim yêu thíchThe Pacifier